Guidance Note 600a

Transformational Infrastructure


The Financial Sector Code (the Code) recognises the need for the financial sector to dedicate funding to infrastructure projects in underdeveloped areas where communities have historically been denied equitable access to economic resources. The definition of Transformational Infrastructure (TI) was intended to focus financing efforts on entities that provide infrastructure that will contribute towards reducing infrastructure backlogs and increase the potential for economic growth and development in South Africa.

Transformational Infrastructure projects are projects that support economic development in underdeveloped areas and contribute towards equitable access to economic resources. Such infrastructure projects could be in the following sectors:


The objective of this document is to provide a Transformational Infrastructure Municipal Index and guidance on the scoring principles.

2.1.1. Specify the Target Market
2.1.2. Specify the key measurement principles for TI
2.1.3. Specify the process for determining a TI score
2.1.4. Specify the Municipal Index

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