Detail for GN701

  1. Introduction


    1. The purpose of this Guidance Note is to provide details on the measurement of banking access products and the associated standards.
    1. While not all target market customers will choose to be banked or are bankable, it is the intention of the industry to make appropriate transactional and savings products easily accessible to the defined target market in order to foster the national goal of deepening financial inclusion for all.
    2. While the product offering must be affordable for the target market the principle of contributing to financial inclusion within the boundaries of “sound economic principles” should be adhered to and any product offerings should therefore be economically viable in the medium to long term so as to ensure their sustainability.
    3. The industry commits to support, monitor and report on the use of access qualifying products (AQPs) to the Charter Council on an annual basis. There is no restriction on the number of different products that may qualify as AQPs.
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